Foot Kite


✔ Made for mobility with hip and lower back
✔ Great for hamstrings, calves, and achilles tendons
✔ Much greater control compared to using a towel

Money Back Guarantee
Online Support 24/7
Fast Shipping
Money Back Guarantee
Online Support 24/7
Fast Shipping

Say goodbye to your towel or yoga bands!

The FootKite is a revolutionary stretching device specifically for hip and lower back. Also great for your hamstrings, calves, and achilles tendons.


Inver/evert foot to microscopically change the dynamics of the stretch allowing complete control of dialing in the right stretching angle



Can change the azimuth of your leg during the stretch to obtain an accurate effectivity of stretch within your hip and low back


Excellent for mitigating low back pain tight calves and hamstring and hip mobility


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Use with or without shoes.

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Adjustable strap lengths for different heights

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High quality leather and construction for improved comfort and durability.

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Quick release clips to easily adjust strap position.

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Increased Stretch Efficiency

Full Control of Stretch

Use for Physical Therapy

Travels with you

Meet the Founder


Steve Avila

Since grade school, science has fascinated me. The human body … and its infinite capabilities … amazed me. So I studied biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. And I spent years in the gym, training and learning how the human body — the muscles, the joints, the bones — all work together. In the 1980’s, my mom started to show signs of arthritis. As time went on, she suffered such pain she couldn’t do the activities she loved — playing soccer, decorating specialty cakes, walking her dog. She had to hang it all up because of her arthritis pain. And it killed me to watch her suffer. So I went down into my home-made lab and using everything I knew about biology, and chemistry, and anatomy and physiology  I developed a pain relief cream for her.

AND IT WORKED! It worked so well, in fact, I started giving it to other family members. And then to friends. Finally, as more and more pain sufferers were finding relief from my product, I created Human Science, a brand dedicated to “the science of living life in balance.”

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