Pain Cream FAQs

What is Human Science Pain Cream?

A very effective topical pain reliever that has the ability to pass the active ingredients through the skin layer and directly into the affected area.

What makes our cream different than other pain creams?

The penetration enhancement formula makes this product unique.  The smell is similar to others on the market; however, the reaction from our customers speaks for itself regarding how much more effective our formula is.  As the synergistic ingredients pass through the skin barrier, you will feel instant relief as the inflammation is reduced and pain dissipates.

How does it work?

A plethora of synergistic ingredients all work together to reduce inflammation and thus reducing pain.  It is immediate and soothing.

How do I use it?

Apply topically on the affected area.  If there is a joint in pain or a sprain such as a swollen ankle, we recommend applying liberally and allowing the cream to soak in on its own.  Then rub in the remaining residue after the cream has dissipated. Wash hand thoroughly after application.

Can Pain Cream be used anywhere on the body?

For external use only. Do not use near or on the mouth, eyes, genitals, or tender body parts.  If you are concerned about applying to an area, ask your doctor for a recommendation.

How Often do I need to apply it?

Usage will vary from person to person.  Some people apply multiple times a day with success.  We recommend that you use it before bedtime and after showering the next day.

Is it safe to use if you are taking other medications?

We recommend checking with your doctor before using it if you have questions regarding medication interaction or pregnancy.

Can I use the pain cream with a heating pad?

NO, the use of a heating pad with pain cream may cause serious burns to the skin.

Is cream safe for children?

We recommend that you talk to your doctor before using on children.

Does Pain Cream have any side effects?

Some people may have skin irritation.  We recommend that you apply a small amount to test your response.  Do not rub until dry as this creates friction and may irritate the skin.

Can I cover the majority of my body with pain cream?

No, pain cream is to be used for isolated areas where you feel pain. Do not cover the entire body or multiple large areas at one time.

Does Pain Cream need to be refrigerated?

No.  We have formulated the cream to be stable at room temperature.

Can Pain Cream be used with other skin products?

We recommend that you have cleaned the area prior to applying for maximum results.

Do I need a prescription to buy Human Science Pain Cream?

No, the cream is sold as an (OTC) over the counter product.

Is the Human Science Pain Cream listed with the FDA?

Yes.  We passed the FDA evaluation and is listed in their database.

Can I use Human Science Pain Cream on an open wound, damaged skin, or scratches? 

No.  Do not use this product on open wounds, scratched or damaged skin.

Do you have a SDS Safety Data Sheet?


How fast does it start working? 

The pain cream will start to work immediately. Many of our customers feel the effects of pain cream in 15-20 minutes.

Will it work for me? 

We recommend trying the product.  No product can claim that it will work for 100% of everyone in the world.  We can say that we have had amazing results and the best we can say is to try it.

Does it smell? 

Yes, you will smell the mint extracts (peppermint and spearmint) which is common in topical pain creams. The smell will significantly dissipate within 30 minutes.

Will cream irritate my skin? 

Skin types vary widely.  Apply a small test area first.  The application of pain cream may not affect some people but may affect others.