How Pain Cream Helps a Mother of 3


    This pain relief cream is hands down, no exaggeration, the best I have ever used. I’ve used many different topicals over the last 30 years of playing hard and HU-Sc is the one that stands out and has a permanent place in my gym bag and work locker. Stiff joints, tendinitis, aches and pains…? This will get you back to work.

    - Joe M.

Human Science Foot Kite

  • Get This!

    I was fortunate. enough to get a sample of a product called Footcare by Human Science. Lost a toe nail around 1985 and after it grew back I developed a toenail fungus. Forty vears later the fungus had spread to the other nails and it was a mess.
    I have used every other counter product available and two precription product and nothing seemed to help. When I got this product, naturally I was very skeptical that it would work. I used it faithfully as instructed and within 4 weeks there was a noticeable difference in my toe nails. The nail was getting clear and the fungus seem to be under control. Either weeks later my nail has just about grown out and it is starting to look normal again. The fungus seems to be gone. I will continue using this product with hipe that this fungus never comes back. This product loloks like a winner!

    - Thomas M.

  • Wow!

    I hardly every write a review on a product, but this product has been a miracle for me. I have struggled with back pain my whole life. I've had surgery to help with relieving pain and after trying Human Science I swear by nothing else. Within 1 minute I had no pain whatsoever, it was gone. I could not believe it, nothing has ever worked like this for me!

    - Sierra S.

  • Highly Recommended

    “First, I am not a huge fan of reviews and I rarely right one. I felt strongly enough about the value and effectiveness of Pain Relief that I am taking the time to tell you about it. I was turned on to the product by the owner of the company and I decided to purchase the Pain Relief product to test it against some of the other widely used pain relief patches and creams. What I can tell you is that you know this product is working the second you apply it. I have tried it on my calves, my back, my shoulders, and my thighs. Each time I felt the product working very quickly and soon thereafter the soreness was gone. This isn’t a miracle product but it absolutely works and I highly recommend it. I will use Pain Relief instead of the other pain relievers I have bought which is my highest recommendation.”

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Brian's Thoughts on Human Science Foot Kite

  • Intense Pain Relief Cream

    My husband is a general contractor and used to use BioFreeze on a regular basis. He now uses this Intense Mint cream and experiences greater relief for his tired, aching muscles than any other product he’s used. This is the best, and a little goes a long way, which I believe makes the price more comparable to other creams. The first time he tried it, it was too intense because he used the same amount as other products. A great product and we highly recommend it.

    - Brenda C.

  • This stuff works

    Had this problem for years. Didn't want to take medication for it so I was always trying different products until I found this one. Within a few weeks I could see a difference. My toe is all cleared up and I can actually wear sandals without feeling embarrassed.

    - Matt C.

  • A must have!

    Going from icy hot, biofreeze, to HU-SC. This product you could feel the difference. Use on my ankles and shoulder prior to bed and my workouts. Relieves pain extremely well. Better than all the products on the market that I’ve tried. You won’t be disappointed.

    - Luke G.