Joint Repair Drink Mix

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Made with only the best natural ingredients. ApresFlex technology promotes healthy joints, connective tissues and respiratory and digestive function.

30% of adults see their doctors for joint pain each year

About 10% of adults are diagnosed with arthritis. There is a much larger number who have nagging pain which will turn chronic enough to see their doctor in the future. Arthritis is commonly experienced starting at 40 years old and this can severely limit mobility. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and GOUT which is a Crystal-related arthritis and the most common form of inflammatory arthritis are types of arthritis which are severely debilitating. Of course there are many other forms of joint pain which can be rectified.

From a 30,000 foot level view of this product, we looked at CLINICAL DOSING of natural ingredients which can stand on their own as joint repair and arthritis affecting constituents. We then looked at the synergy between these and have brought together yet another pain relieving team of superhero pain fighters. We realized quickly that in order to take enough of these components, one would have to take handfuls of pills each day (UGH!!). So we developed a flavor system which makes the ingestion of these components pleasurable and easy.

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10 reviews for Joint Repair Drink Mix

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  1. Dawn O.

    Joint Repair is amazing. I have been taking the product for a few months and was able to eliminate one of my medications. My rheumatoid symptoms are gone. I love this product and will keep purchasing.

  2. Jennifer O.

    Having sporiasis and arthritis to go along with it, this drink makes morning movement easier

  3. Joe M.

    Quality ingredients put me on the fast track to healing my joints from sports injuries and two shoulder repair surgeries. Thank you for providing a product I can trust is doing what it claims.

  4. Stephanie A.

    Great product.

  5. Selena L.

    By 30 both of my hips and both knees had already been replaced due to a bone disease. Now, at 41, I’m working out on a regular basis, despite the discomfort. Adding the Joint Drink has made my recovery–and my mornings–much less frustrating and painful. I like to mix it with water and my BCAAs before going to the gym, and in my off days, I mix it with my breakfast shake (vanilla) and almond milk. No matter how I mix it, it tastes great!

  6. Terry B.

    Thanks for a great product that works. When I find a product that works for me I want all my friends to hear about it for their sake. This works!

  7. Dawn O.

    I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was a child. My Naturopath suggested supplements which I was purchasing individually. Joint Repair has the majority of the supplements in it.
    I have been using the Joint Repair for over a year. After 4 months of daily use, I was able to stop taking the Hydroxychloroquine and at 6 months I went off the Methotrexate. Both are very toxic, requiring quarterly labs and an annual eye exam. I am now in remission and at my last exam my Rheumatologist said to schedule a follow up if my symptoms return. Symptom free and continuing my daily drink of Joint Repair. This product is amazing.

  8. Heidi S.

    Taste great! Mix dissolved really well

  9. Jeffrey A. (verified owner)

    I have used this product in the past and absolutely loved it. I was injured in Afghanistan, and let’s just say I would experience discomfort in my joints, especially while trying to sleep. This product worked for me when no others would. And counties to work after I stopped taking it as a trial. I effects after three months use, lasted almost six months. Then, the product was unavailable. The only reason I gave it a 4 over a 5, is that I remember a stronger flavor on the hint-o-berry that I rather enjoyed. This batch is more subtle. Which may be a benefit for others. I am going on day 5 of use. Using a milk frother (small mixer) takes seconds and blends smoothly. If you are wondering if you should try it, my answer is most definitely. I have been taking joint products for almost 17 years and this is by far the best.

  10. Tyler T

    Joint Repair is an amazing product! Have been using it daily for a few years now and the results are unmatchable. As an avid disc golfer I am able to play multiple rounds a week without any soreness or aches in my joints. I highly recommend this drink mix for anyone who participates in any sport or outdoor activities!

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