Joint Repair Drink Mix

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Made with only the best natural ingredients, our drink mix is available sweetened or unsweetened.  Boost your healing, help relieve joint pain, and protect your collagen with ApresFlex technology.


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Joint Repair drink mix is meant to help you fight the ails of life in which cause discomfort in your joints and body, whether you are young or old. It’s meant to help you take control of your body so that you may have the power fight your genetics or any unforeseen circumstances which take away from your mobility. Due to the fact that this formula was designed to help your immune system repair your body, it will also have some positive side benefits (not effects!) which we would love to tell you about. Those with auto-immune disorders should try our mix simply due to the fact that its concentrated, all-natural ingredients aid the auto-immune system as well. Those of us with sore and achy joints or live in painful arthritic bodies will certainly want to make this a regular part of your balanced daily intake.


30% of adults see their doctors for joint pain each year


About 10% of adults are diagnosed with arthritis. There is a much larger number who have nagging pain which will turn chronic enough to see their doctor in the future. Arthritis is commonly experienced starting at 40 years old and this can severely limit mobility. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and GOUT which is a Crystal-related arthritis and the most common form of inflammatory arthritis are types of arthritis which are severely debilitating. Of course there are many other forms of joint pain which can be rectified .We aim to put a stop to this!!

From a 30,000 foot level view of this product, we looked at CLINICAL DOSING of natural ingredients which can stand on their own as joint repair and arthritis effecting constituents. We then looked at the synergy between these and have brought together yet another pain relieving team of superhero pain fighters. We realized quickly that in order to take enough of these components, one would have to take handfuls of pills each day (UGH!!). So we developed a flavor system which makes the ingestion of these components pleasurable and easy.


Arthritis…bye bye


The formulator of this product has genetically been given the gift of arthritis (thanks Mom). So he knows what it feels like….. and wanted to do something about it as he aged and also to help his Mother and family. Always looking for the best option without the horrible side effects of the prescription drugs on the market, this is the latest and greatest in the development of a preventative and pain relieving supplement.
To add even more good news, the mode of action in pain relief and healing is directed toward the immune system. So the side benefits seem to be pointing toward auto-immune disorders having a benefit as well. We are excited to hear from people who experience these beneficial effects. We are not here to hype products but rather listen to first hand information and continue our quest to formulate products that work.

What’s in it?  All Natural Ingredients




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