Pain Relief Cream Travel Pack

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✔ Powerful relief to get you back on your feet
✔ Quickly penetrates SEVEN layers of skin
✔ Long Lasting formula cools the pain
✔ Used to treat backaches, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains
✔ Single use travel size to easily store in your gym bag or toiletry bag

At some point in life, everyone will have some aches or pains that occurs from strenuous activity on a muscle or joint repeatedly. The intent of our muscle cream is to temporarily relieve pain quickly while also penetrating through the 7 layers of skin to deliver the ingredients where they are needed. It may be used for backaches, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. Its’ quick absorbing anti-inflammatory ingredients are made to be an intense fast acting formula. Along with powerful natural mint the pain will subside along with the mint scent as the cream penetrates deep into the affected area.

Why would you buy our pain cream with SO MANY OTHER CHOICES? Because our formula is unique!! It puts the pain relieving team of synergistic ingredients EXACTLY where you want it.

Freedom of mobility

Pain can stop you from enjoying those precious moments in life. Pain can prohibit you from creating the special memories that are the highlights of your life story. We worked hard to find a great combination of ingredients to help relieve the pain that is keeping you from writing a vibrant life story. Just look at our testimonials if you want to hear it from real people who have enjoyed this product.

Why does it work so well?

Combining synergistic natural ingredients with a clever transdermal carrier system, we can take a very effective combination of pain relievers and drop them smack dab in the middle of your area of pain. This creates a very different topical experience in pain relief.

To see the finer details of this product’s ingredients see below. In broad strokes, we have combined some of the best natural ingredients available for pain relief and healing. Each ingredient can work well individually, however, we spent time studying the research behind SYNERGY between these ingredients and have formulated this into our product. This means that you enhance the effect of each ingredient because they work as a TEAM.

Further, to make our product unlike all of the other pain relievers on the market, we have another group of synergistic ingredients which help transport the ‘pain relieving team” into the effected area (like dropping smoke jumping teams into a forest fire rather than trying to stand on the roads with a fire hose). Rather than having all of these amazing ingredients lying on top of the skin where the effect is mild, you get deep penetration into the exact spot where you need it so the effect is astronomically different!! How cool is that?!

# of Packets (uses)

One Use, Five Uses, Ten Uses, 30 Uses


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