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Used to treat toe fungus. Scientifically formulated to penetrate through tough skin, kill fungus and restore your toes to normal condition.

Product Benefits

  • Formulated to inhibit the growth of fungus on feet & toes
  • Restores skin to its natural condition in time
  • Works on exposed nail bed fungus

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Active Ingredients

Clove Oil (Caryophyllus Bud Oil)

The antiseptic found in cloves helps inhibit fungal growth. In a study entitled "Antifungal Activity of Clove Essential Oil and its Volatile Vapour Against Dermatophytic Fungi" researchers discovered that "clove essential oil demonstrated to be effective at inhibiting growth of several human pathogenic fungi.

Sunflower Oil

This oil was used in a recent study to inhibit the growth of toe fungus. In the study, up to 90.5% of the total participants found the treatment inhibited the growth of toe fungus and only 2.8 percent of those participants had fungal infections occur after 1 year of use. 


Topical Analgesic used as an anesthetic to numb the surface of the skin. Results are consistent as menthol may be used as a pain modulator.

This is the Most Comprehensive & Well Thought Out Toe Fungus Treatment on the Market …


100% Natural

FDA Registered

Paraben Free

Meet The Founder

Since grade school, science has fascinated me. The human body … and its infinite capabilities … amazed me. So I studied biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. And I spent years in the gym, training and learning how the human body — the muscles, the joints, the bones — all work together. In the 1980’s, my mom started to show signs of arthritis. As time went on, she suffered such pain she couldn’t do the activities she loved — playing soccer, decorating specialty cakes, walking her dog. She had to hang it all up because of her arthritis pain. And it killed me to watch her suffer. So I went down into my home-made lab and using everything I knew about biology, and chemistry, and anatomy and physiology  I developed a pain relief cream for her.

AND IT WORKED! It worked so well, in fact, I started giving it to other family members. And then to friends. Finally, as more and more pain sufferers were finding relief from my product, I created Human Science, a brand dedicated to “the science of living life in balance.”

- Steve Avila