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Boost knee, joint, and hip support capabilities


  • All-natural Ingredients supercharged for faster absorption
  • Elevated immune system support
  • Easy-drink formula means no hard-to-swallow pills
  • Aids in respiratory and digestive function
  • Delicious Hint-A-Berry flavor (15 oz Bottle)

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30% of adults see their doctors for joint pain each year

About 10% of adults are diagnosed with arthritis. There is a much larger number who have nagging pain which will turn chronic enough to see their doctor in the future. Arthritis is commonly experienced starting at 40 years old and this can severely limit mobility. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and GOUT which is a Crystal-related arthritis and the most common form of inflammatory arthritis are types of arthritis which are severely debilitating. Of course there are many other forms of joint pain which can be rectified.

From a 30,000 foot level view of this product, we looked at CLINICAL DOSING of natural ingredients which can stand on their own as joint repair and arthritis affecting constituents. We then looked at the synergy between these and have brought together yet another pain relieving team of superhero pain fighters. We realized quickly that in order to take enough of these components, one would have to take handfuls of pills each day (UGH!!). So we developed a flavor system which makes the ingestion of these components pleasurable and easy.

Made with only the best natural ingredients. ApresFlex technology promotes healthy joints, connective tissues and respiratory and digestive function.


1.25 oz


3.5 × 3.5 × 6.75 in

What Our Customers Are Saying

Quality ingredients put me on the fast track to healing my joints from sports injuries and two shoulder repair surgeries. Thank you for providing a product I can trust is doing what it claims.- Joe M.

By 30 both of my hips and both knees had already been replaced due to a bone disease. Now, at 41, I’m working out on a regular basis, despite the discomfort. Adding the Joint Drink has made my recovery–and my mornings–much less frustrating and painful. I like to mix it with water and my BCAAs before going to the gym, and in my off days, I mix it with my breakfast shake (vanilla) and almond milk. No matter how I mix it, it tastes great! - Selena L.

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Meet The Founder

Since grade school, science has fascinated me. The human body … and its infinite capabilities … amazed me. So I studied biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology. And I spent years in the gym, training and learning how the human body — the muscles, the joints, the bones — all work together. In the 1980’s, my mom started to show signs of arthritis. As time went on, she suffered such pain she couldn’t do the activities she loved — playing soccer, decorating specialty cakes, walking her dog. She had to hang it all up because of her arthritis pain. And it killed me to watch her suffer. So I went down into my home-made lab and using everything I knew about biology, and chemistry, and anatomy and physiology  I developed a pain relief cream for her.

AND IT WORKED! It worked so well, in fact, I started giving it to other family members. And then to friends. Finally, as more and more pain sufferers were finding relief from my product, I created Human Science, a brand dedicated to “the science of living life in balance.”

- Steve Avila